Gabriela Boiangiu

Drawing Dialogue 2015-2016

adina cioran 6 Garry (5) Mirela Ivanciu (3)c

The 'Drawing Dialogue' project involves artists responding to each other's drawings from distance: a dialogue without words, simply responding to the physical visual image and altering it in a way that will still keep some identity from the initial drawing, however at the same time bearing a second intervention from the second artist. Each artwork will have at least two interventions, inviting to other proposed further developments.

Eirini 3 - Copy

Adina Cioran

Garry Barker

Mirela Ivanciu

Eirini Boukla

Garry and Stela finished (4)

Stela Lie and Garry Barker finished

Martyn Hill and Patrick Ford 4 CNR-01 IMG_5693bc

Gabriela Boiangiu

Toni Mosley 003

Toni Mosley